Articles by Sheila Tobias

From the American Physical Society's January 2011 APS News: "Teachers in the Crosshairs: The Impact of 'School Choice,' 'Reform,' and 'Accountability.'" (PDF file)

Article Summary: "The physics community is understandably committed to raising the quality of the nation's physics-trained teachers. But caveat emptor: the path the current 'reform movement' is taking could drive out the very best teachers with the bad."

From Science News' June 20, 2009 issue: "Professional science degree may be 21st century MBA" (PDF file)

Article Excerpt: "Will the Professional Science Master's, the science-based professional degree created nine decades after the MBA, manage to meet the needs of 21st century private and public enterprises? That's the view (and hope) of the directors of 134 PSM programs at 71 universities,* their employer partners and the 2,500 math/science graduates now enrolled."

*For current PSM program statistics, click here.