Presentations by Sheila Tobias

Sheila Tobias speaks on the following topics:

  • Fostering Creativity in the Science/Math Classroom
  • Math Anxiety: They beat it. So can You.
  • Math Anxiety: Why is a Smart Girl Like You Still Counting on your Fingers?
  • Science Teaching as a Profession: Why it isn't. How it Could be.
  • Teacher Accountability vs. Teacher Autonomy: Must we Choose?
  • The Classroom of Future: Models for Multidisciplinary Training
  • The Future of Feminism: Lessons from our Past
  • The Hidden Curriculum: Faculty-Made Tests in College Science
  • The Science-Trained Professional: A New Breed for the New Century
  • They're not Dumb, They're Different: Stalking the Second Tier
  • What Makes Science Hard? Note: Linked page includes downloadable MP3 file of a lecture on this topic.
  • Women in Science, Women and Science: End-running the Crowd or The Problem of Women in Science: Why is it so Hard to Convince People There is One?
  • Women and STEM: The Professional Science Master's - Changing Lives and Careers Note: This link goes to a PDF version of the program from a recent event.